The overall look of the acquisition transaction

The overall look of the acquisition transaction :
Recipient ( seller ) to the buyer pays the seller the following operations are performed :

PinPaymentRequest (pin, amount, ordered, callbackUrl, ref authority, ref status)
Pin (string): Pin Seller
Amount (integer): number of payments
OrderId (integer): Operation code
CallbackUrl (string): Top returning customer after payment done
Authority (long integer): Random code and unit code for operating a payment gateway for online operation
Of sites , online stores are required to register and maintain the code .
Status (byte): status code
0 : successful
20 , 22 : Pin the seller is not correct
30 : The operation has been completed successfully
34 : Number of transactions, the seller is not correct

2 In response to this request with conditions attached AU Bank has announced the list of conditions . Acceptor has a duty to save the profile and successful Status (Status = 0) and the Shsyh AU ( opposite 1 – ) to redirect user to payment gateway site , authority , called the Query String parameter au, the site URL at the bottom of the gate be paid , for example:

Send the user to the payment site , limited time (about 10 minutes ) customer payment deadline for the operation of the site, paying the bank to do otherwise would expire and then reapply authority code , E-Shop again, for he authority to request the code .

Bank payment gateway is as follows :


3 After the operations side of a bank, bank clerk job Dardkarbr site that has been returned by the call back url
Acceptor duty order on page 4 of the AU call back the call back url posted on the bank and the transaction state (rs) in the same way, it is sent to the Czech successful , the transaction is successful application banks should again declare that the payment gateway server to check the correctness of the operations .

PaymentEnquiry (pin, authority, ref status)

Before calling this method, the user’s Internet connection is interrupted , the payment gateway will automatically invalidate his pay .

5 banks in response to the success of the transaction record of duty status with a successful status code if the receipt is valid receptive to announce .
6 acceptor is the responsibility of the purchaser ‘s status after receiving this information if success is to announce the success of the transaction .
It is during or after the transaction is recorded receptive success should not be any reason to provide the service to send the transaction back .

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